Tuhfatush Shabaab

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Tuhfatush Shabaab

(A Gift for the Youth)

The change from childhood to adulthood for a Muslim begins with Buloogh (puberty). Apart from physical changes, we undergo emotional changes, as well as mental changes. It is, therefore, very important for us to prepare our youth for this transformation.

The youth today are faced with many challenges and evil influences. It is extremely important that we provide them with guidance to protect themselves from these evils.

This book titled  “Tuhfatush Shabaab” was compiled to help the youth identify these evils and dissuade them from it. It also provides them with solutions to these influences.

This book will be introduced to the grade 6 and 7 learners in the makaatib. The book is divided in two parts:

The first part discusses the following topics:

The second part discusses

Some sections are of a sensitive nature and should not be discussed in the presence of young children.