Muslim Sites - Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine

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Balad al Sham was controlled by the Greeks from the 5th century b.c. until the Romans took over, just before the birth of Nabi Isa (a.s). They ruled it for seven hundred years until they were defeated by the Muslims in August 636. Since then, the land has been free from foreign domination till the last century, from the 15th century onwards, it was under the rule of Uthmanli Muslims who extended and beautified the areas of the Haram. Unfortunately, when the Uthmanli Empire collapsed in 1922, it was divided by the Western powers to serve their interests and handed to different tribal rulers, thus giving birth to Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Palestine.

Since the time of antiquity, it has a rich religious history that is common to Jews, Christians and Muslims. This large area is also rich in Islamic history, culture and civilization that provided enlightenment to Europe and the rest of the world throughout the middle ages. Many Prophets, including our Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), Sahaba (RA), great scholars and rulers have either travelled through or have lived here and many also lie buried here. The Holy Quran and several Ahadith make references to places or incidents that occurred in this land. The following pages contain some information on these great personalities that graced this land. Unfortunately, no information is available in English for the tourists on the many Muslim sites and places of interests, therefore the authors have compiled this booklet, based on their personal experience and research. The Sahaba are referred to as Hazrat. We thank Allah for making this work possible. We sincerely hope that the readers will be inspired by the achievements of the early Muslims and try to become exemplary as well.

Dr Yunoos Osman (Moulana) - Dr Farouk Amod
August 2007 - Shabaan 1428 A.H.